Soufiane Bouri
What our customers say
"Pixofarm is easy to use, and it helped me to efficiently track the growth with an impressive accuracy of 95% in yield estimation!"
Soufiane Bouri, conducted trials to test the accuracy of Pixofarm's Yield EstimationService for the Ecole nationale d'agriculture de Meknès in Morocco on three apple varieties. He followed Pixofarm's yield estimation protocol on their trial site with the apple varieties Golden Delicious and Gala. Pixofarm is very easy to use, and it helped him to quickly and efficiently track the growth and quantity of the harvest. It also gave an accuracy of 95% in yield estimation which he states was very impressive since achieving a yield estimation accuracy of 95% is a promising indicator that the application adapts to the real field condition and that the sampling mode used was the right choice.
28 ha
Orchard Size
Dagobert Widemann
What our customers say
"I got to know my orchard on a whole new level."
Dagobert Widemann, a passionate apple grower from Germany, who wanted to take his apple orchards to the next Level. Since Dagobert has been tracking all the data in his orchards via Pixofarm, he can make more informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization and thinning. Overall, this has led to an increase in production and he is becoming more confident with each season.
67 mm
Average Fruit Size
0.2 mm
Daily Growth rate
Kamila Bokszczanin
What our customers say
"Thanks to pixofarm, I can estimate the yield in advance, count the fruit on the tree, and learn about the size classes of the fruit on the trees and harvest bins. I observe the development of this tool and see how positively it influences crucial decisions of fruit grower regarding orchard management, logistics and business plans. I am glad that such a solution has been created and enables even better production of high-quality fruit."
Kamila Bokszczanin, a polish agronomist and apple grower used pixofarm to know exactly what yield she will get at the end of the season to optimize different on-field and off-field operations.
78 mm
Average Fruit Size
Total Number Of Fruits
Yield Estimation

Combine the sizing and counting features to know the exact results of your field work

This digital solution helps to increase revenue and saves valuable resources by providing reliable yield monitoring and estimation data.

Estimated Total Fruit Count
36.98 tons
Yield Estimation
early yield forecast
stay organized
be cost effective
compare seasons
Yield Estimation

Early yield forecast assists post-harvest procedures

Our technology uses fruit sizing and fruit counting data in conjunction with weather data and underlying growth models to deliver a precise yield estimate already weeks before harvest is due.

This gives you a head start to seize opportunities in planning, selling, marketing, storage, packaging and other logistical activities.

Yield Estimation

Precise algorithms achieve an accuracy level of up to 95%

A combination of cutting-edge technology in machine learning, artificial intelligence and the algorithms we developed will give you an 95% accuracy on the yield forecast of the season.

The yield estimate can be viewed in real-time in the pixofarm app and web app.

Yield Estimation

Supports your price negotiations weeks in advance

With an accurate crop forecast in volume and quality, you get an ideal basis for negotiations with buyers’ weeks before the harvest is scheduled. This allows you to get a higher Price on the market and save resources on operations.

Bluetooth calipers

Compatible bluetooth calipers

A bluetooth caliper is required for our sizing and yield estimation feature since it is the most efficient way to size your fruits in record time!

Sylvac Evo Smart

Dasqua 2020-1005

The yield estimation service supports apples

Yield Estimation

Get to know our features included in the yield estimation service

Receive an accurate estimation of the overall fruit class distribution and amount weeks before harvest.

Historical & forecast weather data
Mobile app & Web App
Access to the sizing, counting & yield estimation feature
Training & Support
Unlimited number of activities
Automatic data evaluation and storage

Smarter orchards in 20+ countries


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Feeling unsure? These might help!

How can I collect the data in my blocks?

Users take pictures of the trees to count the fruits on them and use a Bluetooth caliper to measure them. 4 rounds of data collection will result in accurate & reliable yield estimations.

What are the hardware requirements?

Besides a smartphone with the pixofarm app installed a Bluetooth caliper is required for the sizing and yield estimation services.

Are there specific requirements fora smartphone to be used?

Most smartphones that are currently on the market have the minimum camera features for taking the pictures.

Is there a protocol to follow for collecting the data?

The Forecast algorithm requires 4 rounds of data collection based on a protocol that the app shows for the block. Users only need to follow the steps provided by the pixofarm app.

How do I get my results?

The results of the analysis are updated after each round of data collection and are displayed both on the app and on the pixofarm web app.

How are the yield estimations calculated?

Pixofarm’s AI algorithm uses machine learning techniques to predict yield by taking into account a plethora of information like weather and satellite data that allow sit to build a season specific growth curve.

Which fruit types does pixofarm support for the yield estimation service?

The yield estimation and bin scan for apples only. However, the sizing service can be used for all crops and the counting service is available for apple and citrus fruits. We are working to include more crops in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

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