Fast and accurate thinning assistance

Thinning is one of the most important and labour-intensive steps throughout the fruit growing season. However, as a countermeasure against alternation and to improve certain quality parameter goals like size, colour, nutrients and vitamins or firmness of fruits, it is a critical process, especially in apple growing.

Pixofarm’s counting and sizing modules support fruit growers with critical data to set the right thinning measures. This will not only improve the final harvest result but also reduce storage costs and sorting expenses.

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Step #1 : Chemical Thinning

Measure fruit sizes to set the right timing for chemical thinning

Chemical thinning agents are applied early in the apple growing season and are crucial to counteract alternation. Whereas some agents are applied during flowering, other bioregulators ideally need to be applied when fruit sizes reach 8-15mm. Pixofarm’s sizing module, with the help of a Bluetooth caliper, supports fruit growers to measure several fruits easily and quickly to set the right timing for chemical thinning. Monitoring fruit sizes with Pixofarm will ensure good results for the harvest season but also improve next season’s performance.

Average Fruit Load
0.32 mm
Daily Growth Rate
Step#2: Manual Thinning

Determine fruit loads quickly to set the right manual thinning strategy

Manual thinning is indispensable when it comes to reaching quality targets in fruit growing. After the natural fruit drop occurred, apple growers usually invest 100-300h of manual work per hectare to reach optimal fruit loads on their trees. Pixofarm’s counting module supports growers in determining the current fruit load and setting the right thinning strategy quickly. Through quickly counting after the first trees are thinned, growers can also educate picking personnel on the appearance of an accurately thinned tree without spending too much time counting them manually. Just with the use of a smartphone camera.

Average Fruit Load
0.24 mm
Daily Growth Rate
Step#3: Occasional Fruit Load Checks

Check fruit loads occasionally to improve harvest results

An occasional check of fruit loads after manual thinning can be useful to check whether there is an overhang of fruits on the trees. A further reduction of underdeveloped fruits can also be useful in improving final fruit quality just a few weeks before harvesting. Pixofarm’s counting module enables the grower to check fruitloads quickly when he’s out in the orchard. Also, a last fruit load check just before harvest can also facilitate a rough yield calculation and helps the grower to get an idea what to expect this harvest season.

Average Fruit Load
0.34 mm
Daily Growth Rate
Bluetooth calipers

Compatible bluetooth calipers

A bluetooth caliper is required for our sizing and yield estimation feature since it is the most efficient way to size your fruits in record time!

Sylvac Evo Smart

Dasqua 2020-1005

The fruit counting feature supports apples & citrus

Step#4: Use The Webapp To Analyze

Make detailed analyses of your operations with the pixofarm webapp

After taking measurements, have a look into Pixofarm’s webapp to analyse the data generated. Fruitloads can be compared between seasons and other blocks to support the analysis of operational measures like chemical or manual thinning for example. With that information, fruit growers can already start to plan the next season and to optimize the use of fertilizers, chemical thinning agents etc. to ensure the best results for the next harvest season.

Rowayne Syster
What our customers say
"Pixofarm totally changed my thinning experience. I think if you don’t have Pixofarm you are behind, because it will save you a lot of time and effort compared to traditional methods"
Rowayne Syster, Manager of Verlorenvlei in South Africa, was looking for a solution to speed up the counting of his 34 hectares, as manual counting by his staff takes up too much time that could be better used in other areas. With pixofarm, the corresponding workload could be drastically minimised.