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When cultivating apple club varieties, fruit growers know exactly that colouration and fruit size are the most important parameters when it comes to reaching packout quality. Through monitoring fruit count and fruit size development, Pixofarm supports fruit growers in decision making throughout the season to reach packout targets efficiently. With the help of pixofarm, producers can adapt thinning processes, fertilization and irrigation as well as the use of other important resources like biostimulants to increase packout and therefore increase revenues.

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Taking a picture with phone to count apples
Step#1: Fruit Counting To Improve Packout

Use the Pixofarm counting module to your advantage

To improve the rentability in pomefruit growing, producers need to meet high standards  for fruit sizes and qualities in line with market demand. This part of the overall yield is called packout. Ensuring the ideal fruit load on the trees plays an important role in high packout levels. Use Pixofarm’s counting module to monitor fruit loads fast and easily with your smartphone camera. This will facilitate setting the right operational measures (e.g.: thinning) and to reach higher a higher packout.

Step#2: Fruit Sizing To Improve Packout

Use the Pixofarm sizing module to your advantage

Monitoring fruit sizes and growth can be an effortful task for the grower. However, it can be helpful to do that throughout the season to compare the performance of the fruits with the benchmark in the region for example. If fruit growth is lacking behind, growers can adapt operational measures like the use of biostimulants or irrigation in order to improve fruit growth. Pixofarm’s sizing module, with the help of a Bluetooth caliper, supports fruit growers to measure several fruits easily and quickly to generate data on fruit growth and size and helps them in reaching packout goals efficiently.

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phone with pixofarm app
Step#3: Yield Estimation To Improve Packout

Use the Pixofarm yield estimation module to your advantage

Packout quality is set by market demand. Some markets pay premiums for specific fruit sizes and therefore it makes sense to monitor expected yield outcome early in the season. A producer who already knows what to expect weeks before harvest, can adapt marketing and sales strategies to increase revenues. The pixofarm yield estimation module is a fast and cost effective way of determining yield estimates just by using a Bluetooth caliper and your smartphone camera and will help producers in strategizing for a better packout.

Bluetooth calipers

Compatible bluetooth calipers

A bluetooth caliper is required for our sizing and yield estimation feature since it is the most efficient way to size your fruits in record time!

Sylvac Evo Smart

Dasqua 2020-1005

The fruit sizing feature supports apples, pears & citrus fruits