Industry Showcase: Fruit Cooperatives

Easy harvest monitoring for large corporations

To a large extent, corporations engaged in fruit production need to monitor fruit size development, fruit count, and estimate yields within their organisation. Cooperatives, exporters and variety clubs can benefit from the data easily generated by the pixofarm app in various ways.

Whether it's to improve harvest results, marketing strategies, logistics, or for budgeting-related reasons, pixofarm supports users in making pre- and post-harvest decision.

Industry Showcase: Fruit Cooperatives & Exporters

Better coordination between cooperatives and exporters

Through distributing pixofarm to the members of a fruit cooperative, the production and sales departments can benefit from several different data points produced by the Members. Through monitoring fruit size development, fruit loads and by estimating yields, the production department can operationally advice members and can plan the necessary materials, machinery, and workforce easier.

On the other hand, the exporter or sales department of a cooperative can use early yield estimates to their advantage to close better contracts and to adapt sales strategies and markets in relation to the expected size classes. With pixofarm, time-consuming collection of data using forms and slips of paper is a thing of the past.

Industry Showcase: Variety Clubs

Increased transparency between variety clubs and its members

Variety club organisations benefit from monitoring expected yields and harvest outcomes in various ways. Variety clubs usually market and sell the annual production of fruits within the club themselves. With the help of pixofarm, variety clubs can check whether yields will match demand, they can plan licensing income ahead by checking to what degree members will reach packout qualities etc.

Pixofarm can therefore help increasing transparency between the club variety organization and its members.

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