Better budgeting through yield estimation weeks in advance

Budgeting for the upcoming year and taking adjustments for the current can both benefit from early knowledge of fruit size classes.Some pixofarm users spot opportunities to save costs by analysing the collected data.

Services you will need:

Example #1

Ordering the right packaging materials, in the right amounts

When buying packaging materials, you want to know 2 things:

fruit size distribution

number of fruits / volumes

Fruit packers who use pixofarm to collect these data themselves – or have their growers/suppliers collect them – are able to dramatically increase the precision of their orders. This is saving them costs by reducing waste & required storage space.

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Example #2

Increased precision in workforce planning

Growers use Pixofarm to generate reliable yield estimates based on which they plan their staff needs for picking, transporting, orchard upkeep & processing.

By knowing their fruit sizes  and volumes weeks in advance, they can compare their season outcome to data from the past and hire the right number of workers – in time.

Example #3

Additional ways pixofarm can help you better optimise your budgets

Planning the budget is not always easy when so many different factors influence it. However, there are other ways pixofarm users can better plan and organise their budget throughout the year.Here is a selection of them:

Gauging machinery and harvest container needs – and logistics thereof, based on harvest outlook before the season ends.

Proactively planning need of irrigation, fertilization and other materials by closely following the growth rates of their fruits.

Objectively comparing current season outlook & results to the past – and planning for success

Bluetooth calipers

Compatible bluetooth calipers

A bluetooth caliper is required for our sizing and yield estimation feature since it is the most efficient way to size your fruits in record time!

Sylvac Evo Smart

Dasqua 2020-1005

The fruit sizing feature supports apples, pears & citrus fruits