For apple growers 


Increase your harvest

Marco is an apple grower. Last season the average apple size of his farm decreased by 4 mm, which affected his earnings negatively.

Our predictive algorithm helped Marco to better handle the operations of fruit thinning, irrigation and fertilization and grow bigger fruits that are better
paid by the market

Marco optimized the watering process and got the profits he was counting for and even saved water.

Easily shift to organic products

John is an apple producer. He owns a 15-ha orchard.

He wants to start producing organically from the next season. He is worried he might result in a failure though, as organic production has different requirements.

Pixofarm provides John with reliable data on his organic production in realtime, so he can take the right measures.

John can continuously monitor the growth rate during the challenging period of transition and react faster. John's uncertainty about his financial investment is highly reduced.

For associations 


Improve information flow for more control

European Pink Lady Association (EPLA) is a big international club holding that has a licensed variety of apple. Having orchards around Europe they need to compare outcomes and keep an eye on them since problems may arise at harvest time. They need to improve the information flow to get more control over the farms.

By using Pixofarm's technology, the association managed to increase their revenues up to 35% in 3 years! They could effectively improve their organizational processes in terms of logistics, distribution optimization and turnover forecasting.

Predict fruit quality for a strong marketing strategy

Apofruit is a big Italian fruit association. Beside collecting and managing associate's production, it also takes care of commercialization and marketing. Having set a marketing strategy already from the middle of the season is really useful.

Apofruit receives predictions on the harvest volume

and size-class distribution, which helps to shape their marketing strategy. Apofruit can make on-time

adjustments according to the season's performance.

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