Bin Scan

Know the exact content of every bin

Get the fruit count and size class distribution of every bin by simply taking a picture from the top of the container with your smartphone.
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Bin Scan

Fast and easy handling

One photo of a fruit bin is enough to measure its content. The only tool you need for that is your smartphone.

The bin scan feature supports apples. Participate in the data collection !

Bin Scan

Count & categorize the apples of a bin in seconds

Every container can be scanned using a single photo. The counting and classification of the fruits is done automatically and can be displayed in the app and dashboard.
Bin Scan

High accuracy of the bin count & classification

The algorithm combines multiple factors to achieve a high accuracy of the fruit count and the size class distribution of the containers' fruit content.
Bin Scan

Save resources in the warehouse

By knowing exactly what’s in each harvesting bin you can increase the efficiency of the sorting and packing process. This saves valuable resources that can be used to improve your overall post harvesting process.

Get to know our features included in the bin scan service

Receive an accurate estimation of the fruit size and fruit class of your bin content.
Access to the bin scan feature
Mobile app & online management dashboard
Picture Gallery
Historical forecast & weather data
Unlimited number of activities
Automatic data evaluation and storage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure? These might help!
How dousers collect the data in their blocks?

Users take pictures of the top layer of full harvest bins with the Pixofarm app on their smartphone.

What are the hardware requirements?

Besides a smartphone with the Pixofarm app installed, no additional hardware or devices are needed.

Are there specific requirements for a smartphone to be used?

Most smartphones that are currently on the market have the minimum camera features for taking the pictures.

How do I get my results?

The results of the analysis are updated after each round of data collection and are displayed both on the app and on the Pixofarm online dashboard.

Which fruit types does Pixofarm support for the bin scan service?

Pixofarm’s bin scan service works currently on apples. Pears and Citrus fruits will follow soon.