Know exactly what’s in every harvest bin

Take a picture from the top of a harvest bin simply with your smartphone to get the size class distribution within seconds.

Martin Anhof
What our customers say
„Before and after the harvest - Pixofarm gives you the ideal basis for decisions“
With Pixofarm Martin keeps track of the growth and state of his apples. He can easily control and steer his manual thinning efforts, knows his yield weeks before harvest and can start with logistical measures early on. After the harvest, Pixofarm provides him with great information about the harvested apples in the bins months before the apples are sorted.
73 mm
Average Fruit Size
What our customers say
„The Harvest Bins Scan service gives me as a fruit grower the opportunity to estimate my future sorting results during the harvest and to adjust my picking if necessary.“
Walter, a fruit grower from South Tyrol used the Bin Scan to organize his bins before getting them sorted a year later. This helped him to get an idea of what the sorting result will be.
76 mm
Average Fruit Size
Number Of Fruits
What our customers say
"Pixofarm's bin scan helps me to organize my stock better in the warehouses. It saved us many hours of working."
Piotr is a proud apple farmer in the heart of rural Poland. The pixofarm App and bin scan service was easy to use and provided him with valuable insights into his apple storage. He was able to optimize the storage space by arranging the apples in an organized manner, ensuring that the apples were stored in the best conditions for their preservation. He was also able to reduce waste by knowing exactly how many apples he had, their quality, and when they were stored.
87 mm
Average Fruit Size
Number Of Fruits
Bin Scan

Fast and easy handling

Simply take a top-down picture of the bin with your smartphone. One quick photo is enough for the system to detect and present the fruit size classes contained in the harvest bin.

Average fruit size
low effort
be cost effective
high coverage

Smarter orchards in 20+ countries

Bin Scan

Categorize the apples of a harvest bin in real time

Every harvest bin can be scanned using a single photo. Once the picture is uploaded, the classification of the apples is done automatically and will be displayed in the app and web app.

Bin Scan

Bin scan accuracy level: >90%

The algorithms use the top layer of fruits, the measurements of the harvest bin and combine multiple factors to achieve an accuracy of over 90% for the size class distribution of the fruits.

Bin Scan

Save resources post processing

By knowing exactly what’s in each harvesting bin you can increase the efficiency of the storage, sorting and packing processes. Similar to the information a sorting machine provides, the result of the bin scan allows you to increase the precision of your logistics and makes contract fulfilment easier.

The bin scan feature supports apples

Bin Scan

Get to know our features included in the bin scan service

Receive an accurate estimation of the overall fruit amount and size class distribution of your harvest bins.

Historical & forecast weather data
Mobile App & Web App
Access to the bin scan feature
Training & Support
Unlimited number of activities
Automatic data evaluation and storage

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Feeling unsure? These might help!

How can I count the content of a harvest bins with pixofarm?

You just need to take pictures of the top layer of full harvest bins with the pixofarm app - with your smartphone.

What are the hardware requirements?

Besides a smartphone with the pixofarm app installed, no additional hardware or devices are needed.

Are there specific requirements for a smartphone to be used?

Most smartphones that are currently on the market have the minimum camera features for taking the pictures.

How do I get my results?

The results of the analysis are updated after each round of data collection and are displayed both on the pixofarm app and on the pixofarm web app.

Which fruit types does pixofarm's bin scan service support?

Apples. Pears and Citrus fruits will follow soon!

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