Fruit Sizing

Measure fruit diameters and easily track growth

Adjust your on-field operations like thinning, watering etc. by monitoring the growth rate and size class distribution.
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What our customer say

"Pixofarm is easy to use and has helped us keep track of the growth and quantity of our crop quickly and effectively."

Paul and Tarryn Priest
Priest Bros Orchards, a fourth-generation Australian family owned and operated orchard, has been growing high quality fruit for over 100 years. They analyzed 1.3 hectares of their apple orchard with the Pixofarm app, focusing on the fruit sizing feature.


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Fruit Sizing

Fast and easy handling

To measure the size of your fruits, take either a quick photo with your smartphone and a sticker or use your bluetooth caliper. The fruit's daily growth rate and size distribution are automatically determined after several uses during the season.

The fruit sizing feature supports apples, pears & citrus fruits

Fruit Sizing

Get your fruit size & class categorization within seconds

Receive an accurate measurement of the overall fruit size and fruit size class distribution throughout your yield.

The only tools you need:
Your Smartphone & stickers or a Bluetooth caliper.
Fruit Sizing

All measurement data is stored automatically

Save hours of work by having all your measurement data stored and organised automatically within the app and in your dashboard.

It is an easy way to keep track of your fruits‘ growth rate during the season and throughout the years.
Fruit Sizing

Optimize your yield & increase your overall revenue

By optimizing your on-field operations like thinning or irrigation based on real time data you can optimize your crops for the size class distribution the market requires.

Get to know our features included in the fruit sizing service

Receive an accurate measurement of the fruit size and size class.
Historical forecast & weather data
Mobile app & online management dashboard
Access to the sizing feature
Training & Support
Unlimited number of activities
Automatic data evaluation and storage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure? These might help!
How does the fruit sizing feature work?

Users can choose between two data collection methods:

1) Taking pictures of the fruits with the Pixofarm app on their smartphone. In this case, a sticker is needed as a reference point to ensure high accuracy.

2) Using a Bluetooth caliper, which then sends the measurements to the Pixofarm app.

What are the hardware requirements?

Besides a smartphone with the Pixofarm app installed, depending on the preferred measurement method, blue stickers or a Bluetooth caliper is required for the sizing feature.

Are there specific requirements fora smartphone to be used?

Most smartphones that are currently on the market have the minimum requirements for taking the pictures.

Is there a protocol to follow for collecting the data?

As a decision support system, Pixofarm allows the user to be flexible in defining their protocol. Users can choose how many pictures they want to take and how often they want to measure.

How do I get my results?

The results of the analysis are updated after each round of data collection and are displayed both on the app and on the Pixofarm online dashboard.

Which fruit types does Pixofarm support for the fruit sizing service?

Apples,pears and citrus fruits can be measured with the Pixofarm Sizing feature