George Foukalas
What our customers say
"We realized that with pixofarm a farmer can have a better image of his field and it helps to make some interference so as to improve the quality of the fruits."
George Foukalas, a farmer from Agia Larisas, Greece, used Pixofarm in2 hectares of apples, in particular for the variety Golden. At the end of the season (harvest period) results for the quality (size measurements) and quantity(tones/ hectares) were very close to what the pixofarm app had expected.
They managed to use pixofarm's counting and sizing modules last season in their orchards. It was fast and easy to take measurements with both, the counting and the sizing module (Using the bluetooth caliper). Afterwards, they realized that with pixofarm a farmer can have a better image of his field and it helps him to make some interference so as to improve the quality of the fruits.
67 mm
Average Fruit Size
0.24 mm
Daily Growth Rate
Pooneh Sotoudehnia
What our customers say
‘’It was easy to use Pixofarm and any problem we faced was handled very quickly bytheir friendly and professional support team.’’
Pooneh Sotoudehnia is a Fruit Consultant and Research Assistant at Ålands Hushållningssällskap in the beautiful Åland Islands, Finland!

As a fruit expert, Pooneh knows that every detail counts when it comes to growing healthy and profitable crops. That's why she turned to Pixofarm to easily track her crops and make data-driven decisions that maximize yield and quality. She used the pixofarm counting and sizing services in the orchards.
77 mm
Average Fruit Size
0.164 mm
Daily Growth Rate
Paul and Taryn Priest
What our customers say
"Pixofarm is easy to use and has helped us keep track of the growth and quantity of our crop quickly and effectively."
Paul & Taryn Priest
Priest Bros Orchards, a fourth-generation Australian family owned and operated orchard, has been growing high quality fruit for over 100 years. They analyzed 1.3 hectares of their apple orchard with the Pixofarm app, focusing on the fruit sizing feature.
1.3 ha
Orchard Size
Fruit Type
Paul and Taryn Priest
What our customers say
"I used Pixofarm's Fruit Sizing service with my clients to follow fruit sizes in early stages todetermine the optimal timing for fruit thinning agents. I am looking forward tousing more of Pixofarm's services with them in the coming seasons!"
Eric Stöcklin is an agronomist from Belgium who runs a agronomic consultancy business focused on the francophone regions in Europe. He has been on the forefront of adopting and bringing valuable technologies to farmers, like modern weather stations and pest management strategies.
67 mm
Average Fruit Size
0.2 mm
Daily Growth rate
Fruit Sizing

Fast and easy handling

Click & Go – With the support of one of the compatible Bluetooth calipers you can simply log the fruit sizes while you’re in the orchard. Dozens of fruits can be sized in a matter of minutes. It can also be used multiple times throughout the season to determine the fruits’ average size, daily growth rate and size class distribution.

31 mm
Average Fruit Size
0.34 mm
Daily Growth rate
stay organized
monitor growth
caliber distribution
compare seasons
Fruit Sizing

All measurement data is stored automatically

Save hours of effort by having all of your measurement history automatically stored and organized within the Pixofarm app and your corresponding web app. It’s a simple way to keep track of your fruits’ development throughout the season. You can use this data to compare seasons, varieties and areas on your farm and adapt operational strategies accordingly.

Fruit Sizing

Optimise your harvest outcome and maximise your revenue

Tracked sizing data can be used to optimize different on-field operations that impact your harvest outcome like thinning, irrigation, the use of biostimulants and other operating resources. This will positively impact harvest outcome and increase your revenues without spending a lot of additional time.

Bluetooth calipers

Compatible bluetooth calipers

A bluetooth caliper is required for our sizing and yield estimation feature since it is the most efficient way to size your fruits in record time!

Sylvac Evo Smart

Dasqua 2020-1005

The fruit sizing feature supports all fruits

Fruit Sizing

Get to know our features included in the fruit sizing service

Receive an accurate estimation of the overall fruit size and fruit class distribution throughout your yield.

Historical & forecast weather data
Mobile App & Web App
Access to the sizing feature
Training & Support
Unlimited number of activities
Automatic data evaluation and storage

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Feeling unsure? These answers might help!

How does the fruit sizing feature work?

The data is collected by using a Bluetooth caliper, which then sends the measurements to the pixofarm app. Quick & easy!

What are the hardware requirements?

You only need two items:
1) A smartphone with the pixofarm app installed
2) A compatible Bluetooth caliper (Dasqua 2020-1005 or Sylvac Evo Smart)

Are there any smartphone requirements?

Most smartphones that are currently on the market have the minimum requirements.

Is there a protocol to follow for collecting the data?

As a decision support system, pixofarm allows the user to be flexible in defining their protocol. Users can choose how often they want to measure their fruits.

How do I get my results?

The results of the analysis are updated after each round of data collection and are displayed both on the pixofarm app and on the pixofarm web app.

Which fruit types does pixofarm support for the fruit sizing service?

Apples, pears & citrus fruits: Stay tuned - there are many more to come!

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