Stefan Gögele
What our customers say
"Manual thinning can be quickly monitored by Pixofarm to achieve the ideal number of fruit per tree. This allows me to optimize the quantity and quality in my orchard. I have also gained a better overview of my orchard by using Pixofarm."
Stefan Gögele is a passionate apple grower from South Tyrol, Italy. With the services of Pixofarm, he has gained a better overview of the current state of his apples in the orchard. He uses the counting service to monitor and control his manual thinning mid-season. He can easily count the apples in his orchard and determine whether enough apples have been removed after thinning. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual counting of apples per tree.
2.8 ha
Orchard Size
Rowayne Syster
South Africa
What our customers say
"I think if you don’t have Pixofarm you are behind, because it will save you a lot of time and effort compared to traditional methods."
Rowayne Syster, Manager of Verlorenvlei in South Africa, was looking for a solution to speed up the counting of his 34 hectares, as manual counting by his staff takes up too much time that could be better used in other areas. With pixofarm, the corresponding workload could be drastically minimised.
67 mm
Average Fruit Size
0.2 mm
Daily Growth rate
George Foukalas
What our customers say
"It was fast and easy to take measurements with both, the counting and the sizing module (Using thebluetooth caliper)"
George Foukalas, a farmer from Agia Larisas, Greece, used Pixofarm in2 hectares of apples, in particular for the variety Golden. At the end of the season(harvest period) results for the quality (size measurements) and quantity (tones/ hectares) were very close to what the pixofarm app had expected.

They managed to use pixofarm's counting and sizing modules last season in their orchards. It was fast and easy to take measurements with both, the counting and the sizing module (Using thebluetooth caliper). Afterwards, they realized that with pixofarm a farmer can have a better image of his field and it helps him to make some interference so as to improve the quality of the fruits.
Fruit Load/Tree
2 Hectares
Orchard Size
Fruit Counting

Count several trees in a matter of minutes

Instead of spending a lot of time manually counting trees, you can count a single tree in just 10 seconds by taking a picture. Get a more accurate estimation of the fruit loads in your orchard by counting 50 trees in less than half an hour. You can save time and money and simultaneously increase your revenues by making better decisions.

Total Estimated Fruits
Average Number Of Fruits/Tree
stay organized
track your fruit load
be cost effective
compare seasons

Smarter orchards in 20+ countries

Fruit Counting

High fruit detection accuracy guaranteed

Our system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect visible fruits, estimates hidden fruits and integrates various information sources to provide you with an accurate fruit count estimation on the single tree level as well as on the whole orchard.

Fruit Counting

The paperless way of keeping track of your crops

The fruit count estimation is stored and evaluated immediately in the pixofarm app and web app. By spending less time counting fruits you can focus on other activities that help you improve your season's outcome.

It is an effortless method of tracking the number of fruits in your orchard during the season and throughout the year.

Fruit Counting

Use the counting data to your advantage

Use Pixofarm’s counting results to improve processes like manual thinning, increase fruit quality at harvest and boost revenues as a result.

Comparing the data of several seasons helps you to get a deeper insight into your production and to further improve and optimize your operation.

The fruit counting feature supports apples & citrus fruits

Fruit Counting

Get to know our features included in the fruit counting service

Receive an accurate estimation of the overall fruit load of the orchard and per tree.

Historical & forecast weather data
Mobile app & Web App
Access to the counting feature
Training & Support
Unlimited number of activities
Automatic data evaluation and storage

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Feeling unsure? These might help!

How do users collect the data in their blocks?

Users take pictures of the trees they want to count the fruits on with the pixofarm app on their smartphone. The pixofarm app detects & counts the fruits in just a few seconds.

What are the hardware requirements?

Besides a smartphone with the pixofarm app installed, no additional hardware or devices are needed.

Are there any smartphone requirements?

Most smartphones that are currently on the market have the minimum camera features for taking the pictures.

Is there a protocol to follow for collecting the data?

As a decision support system, pixofarm allows the user to be flexible in defining their protocol. Users can choose how many pictures they want to take and how often they want to measure.

How do I get my results?

The results of the analysis are updated after each round of data collection and are displayed both on the pixofarm app and on the pixofarm web app.

Which fruit types does pixofarm support for the fruit counting service?

Apples,pears and citrus fruits. Many more fruits will follow!

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