Customer Story: Norbert Kot

Hanna Totsching
November 8, 2022

Stop guessing how large your fruit is going to grow, let your phone tell you

How an polish apple grower is using the Pixofarm app on his smartphone to track fruit growth and optimize his apple growing practices.

In Poland, fruit growers cooperating with UPL already know how many tonnes of apples they will harvest this year. 🍎🍏

In order to find out how much yield they will obtain from a given apple field, they decided to use an application from our offer, pixofarm.📱The app is simple and intuitive, and all you need to use it is a mobile phone with a camera.After connecting the phone to the electronic calliper via Bluetooth, we are able to start measuring the fruit. We take pictures from 6 selected trees and from each we take 18 fruit measurements.

🌳A total of 108 images are taken during one measurement, with subsequent measurements taken 5-7 days later. About a month before harvesting, we know approximately how many tons per hectare will be harvested, and 2 weeks before harvesting it is already a really accurate result.

Thanks to this, the fruit grower knows how many bins he will need for the fruit and how much space he will need in the storage chambers.Then, by entering basic data, such as the number of trees in a given area, the estimated number of fruits per tree, as well as the previous year's fruit yield and diameter, we are able to make it easier for the app to collect data that will facilitate later counting.

📊Finally, the application will show us the most important parameters of interest including the percentage breakdown of apples by size class.

Thanks to pixofarm, Polish fruit growers can accurately plan their harvests while optimizing production costs. The situation on the apple market in Poland is not the best, but they are not giving up and are keep going all the way, applying digital solutions in their orchards. I am grateful to them for that.

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