your harvest

Easily measure fruit size, get predictions and take the right actions to get the most out of your apple orchards. 

We tell you everything 
you need to know 
about your harvest

Pixofarm is a mobile application that helps apple producers optimize their harvest by measuring and forecasting fruit size and providing reliable data.

See Pixofarm in action

Travel to the future 
and see great results

We have 30 years of experience in developing a unique predictive algorithm that helps you take informed decisions. 
We show reliable data such as: 

Fruit size and growth rate

Average and predicted diameter

Forecast season production

Size-class distribution

Weather forecast

Customers are convinced by the results!





Fruit size

Harvest volume

In collaboration with: 

Three simple steps to get started

Add your orchard

Fill in simple information like the size, location and fruit variety of your orchard.

Take pictures

Take pictures of the apples using our easy-to-use app.

Get results

Take informed decisions based on reliable data you get in real-time.

App available on:

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Your benefits

Get steady results

30 years of academic research & sophisticated technology

Increased size of fruits, harvest volume and turnover

Effective approach confirmed by our global customers

Stay in control easily

Real-time information about fruit growth and production forecasts

Full control of your orchards from your smartphone

Efficient resource management and reduced uncertainty

Cost-effective solution

No need for expensive hardware and sensors

Get accurate results with a cutting-edge A.I. and image processing technology

One application to take fruits photos, get forecasts and make informed decisions

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Federica Succio

Project Manager


Pixofarm GmbH

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Pixofarm on app store.png
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