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Better decisions across the entire value chain

Optimize on-field operations

Save time and resources and improve your on-field tasks like thinning, watering and the use of other operating resources by digitalizing manual processes.

Maximize profits

Get all the data you need to adjust production processes to reach the desired fruit quality and therefore boost your revenues.

Enhance marketing and sales

By receiving production predictions many weeks before harvest, you can negotiate a better price and improve sales and marketing channels.

Improve logistics

Use Pixofarm data to improve picking logistics by organizing the right amount of picking personnel and materials at the right time and better plan your shipments.

Smarter sorting and storage

Improve your sorting and storage operations by knowing what is in each bin by collecting real-time inventory data before the fruits leave your orchard.

Smarter orchards in 20+ countries


Learn more about digital yield monitoring

Count fruits with your smartphone and save time

Analyse and compare data from different blocks and seasons

Measure fruits precisely and monitor growth

Get accurate yield forecasts based on your measurements and weather data

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See What Our Customers Say

When it comes to optimizing and digitizing your orchard, you want something that works without wasting your valuable time or resources.What better proof than what customers have to say. We survey our customers all the time and ask them if they are willing to say a few words. As you will see, many do. We are proud of our high-quality services and, most importantly, the value we have provided to our customers and their orchard operations.

Stefan Gögele


"With Pixofarm, I was able to get an overview of my plants in seconds. Manual thinning can be quickly controlled by pixofarm to achieve the ideal number of fruit per tree. This has allowed me to optimize the quantity and quality of my fruits and also increases the productivity in my operations."

Soufiane Bouri


“I've followed Pixofarm's yield estimation protocol on our trial site with the apple varieties Golden Delicious and Gala. Pixofarm is easy to use and it helped me quickly and efficiently track the growth and quantity of the harvest, it also gave an accuracy of 95% in yield estimation which is very impressive.”

Pooneh Sotoudehnia


‘’It was easy to use Pixofarm and any problem we faced was handled very quickly bytheir friendly and professional support team.’’

Priest Bros


"Pixofarm is easy to use and has helped us keep track of the growth and quantity of our crop quickly and effectively. Pixofarm is easy to use and has helped us keep track of the growth and quantity of our crop quickly and effectively."

George Foukalas


“We used Pixofarm's counting and sizing modules last season in our orchards. It was fast and easy to take measurements with both the counting and the sizing module (Using thebluetooth caliper). We realized that with pixofarm a farmer can have a better image of his field and it helps him to make some interference so as to improve the quality of the fruits.”

Kamila Bokszczanin PhD


“Thanks to Pixofarm, I can estimate the yield in advance, count the fruit on the tree , and learn about the size classes of the fruits on the tree and in the harvest bin. I can see how positively it influences crucial decisions of fruit grower regarding orchard management, logistics and business plans. Iam glad that such a solution has been created and enables even betterproduction of high-quality fruit.”

Marcin Zachwieja


"I have been using the Pixofarm app in my orchard for two seasons. Compared to other solutions for forecasting the size and structure of apple harvests, it stands out for its mobility and ease of use. It is a tool that can easily analyse and predict the final yield. Every piece of precise information obtained in this way in orcharding helps to achieve final success in the production of apples of the highest quality."
Fruit Counting

Precise fruit counting by taking pictures of the trees

Save hours compared to manual counting and get a crop load estimation for your orchard.

Fruit count
Daily growth rate
Fruit Sizing

Measure fruit diameters and easily track growth

Monitor the growth rate and size class distribution to adjust on-field operations like as thinning and watering and other growth stimulating measures.

Yield Estimation

Accurate yield estimation weeks before harvest

Negotiate better prices and take the guesswork out of your planning by getting precise estimations about your yield weeks in advance.

Reliable yield estimation
No more guess work
Bin organization
Size class distribution
Bin Scan

Know exactly what is in each harvest bin

Start optimizing your sorting, transport and storage processes right from the orchard by knowing the caliber classes of each and every harvest bin before sorting!

Compatible with many different fruit types

Many more to come